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A day in a life of an alcoholic

I wake up and immediately get hit with tons of problems. My senses are going crazy, from being dehydrated to having goopy eyes. The body is literally in shock from facing the reality of being poisoned last night.

Discover Your Unique Relationship to Alcohol

Many people start drinking in their teens. They are invited to parties, clubs, or a night on the town and alcohol is often the main attraction. The teen years and early adulthood send the message that …

New years resolution to stop drinking

The problem of new years resolutions is that they never last and quiting drinking isn’t just something you quit unless you are one of those rare people who quit and never look back. Alcohol is a drug that affects your brains chemistry. I have never realized how badly I was addicted till I tried quiting. My addiction overtook my whole life without me knowing about it. It takes years not weeks or months……

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