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Giving up on happiness

I don’t know what makes me happy, I have some ideas what I think would make me happy but that doesn’t mean they will. Washy hopes and dreams will always stay just what they are, not reality, but I spend or used to, so much time focusing on my wishes. Add some alcohol, and I am on fire!

Quitting drinking is change (14 inspiring quotes)

I would like to take my time to congratulate whoever you are for your inspiring bravery, courage, and choice to quit drinking. It doesn’t matter if you have relapsed during your journey, are thinking about stopping drinking or have a lot of time sober. The fact that you even have……

Alcohol recovery memes (we understand)

I am alcoholic but I am in denial, so I am not an alcoholic, which is nice

We all been there or will be. There is no way I could solve my problem without admitting that alcohol has taken over me and my life. It was a scary thing to do because admitting meant that I will need to do something about it. At that……

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