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Sober Thanksgiving hangover (I dont want to puke)

I am not going to lie that I am fucking irritated. I mean what to expect? I hate holidays. I pretty much played same video game all day long today. At least I got a haircut. 🙂

My last thanksgiving

I was hammered. I was hopeless. I was drunk.  Drinking enormous amounts and starting to use diazepines because I couldn’t handle hangovers anymore. Its funny that it is hard to remember exactly……

Thank you for judging me

You have no idea how addiction fucks you up. What it is like to go through life either still being addicted or in recovery. Yes, it took me 5 minutes of complete silence over the phone to be completely honest with you why I’ve had only one year of employment in each job for the past 3 years. It wasn’t because I was fired, I quit. I would……


10 minutes till they stop selling liquor near me. That’s more than enough time to get out of bed, get dressed quickly, and get fast to the gas station. I mean just the rush of rushing it is fucking stimulating.

Then drive home quickly, I live like 3 min away from that gas station. I know what’s next. Is opening up……

Do you ever get tired of recovery jargon?

When I first heard some of the recovery jargon sayings like “One day at a time” and ”Love yourself” or so much other inspirational crap, I would just stop in my mind and try to savor it by listening to what was being said; thinking that it was something special only to be heard once. I would try to memorize the saying so I could use it later perhaps……

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