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There is no deeper connection than drinking

It makes me cry inside, but once you establish this connection, there is little chance of it going away. We can pretend about miracles all we want, but they rarely happen. I love drinking. There are so many memories tied up to the times I drank alone. Alcohol got me……

Happy ending

Secret thoughts about the happy ending are the main reason why many people like me get sober. Quitting drinking will change my life, things will work out correctly just like in those midday tv dramas where goodness wins over bad. This picture in the head is quietly inspiring. It makes me go……

I don’t give a #%@&

From hero to zero. I am having a hard time caring about anything these days. I just don’t careMaybe it is a period in early recovery; I still consider myself being at the beginning of recovery despite the fact that I am over a year sober…….

Sober Thanksgiving hangover (I dont want to puke)

I am not going to lie that I am fucking irritated. I mean what to expect? I hate holidays. I pretty much played same video game all day long today. At least I got a haircut. 🙂

My last thanksgiving

I was hammered. I was hopeless. I was drunk.  Drinking enormous amounts and starting to use diazepines because I couldn’t handle hangovers anymore. Its funny that it is hard to remember exactly what I……

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