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Paws are real

Somehow when I first heard about post acute withdrawal symptoms in rehab it made them seem surreal. They are not a big deal I thought, while still detoxing from alcohol. What came next just covered them up and all this time I couldn’t quietly understand……

I don’t give a #%@&

From hero to zero. I am having a hard time caring about anything these days. I just don’t careMaybe it is a period in early recovery; I still consider myself being at the beginning of recovery despite the fact that I am over a……

If sobriety is a commitment


If sobriety is a commitment then I will never look back and question my decision to become sober
If sobriety is a commitment then I will never stop working on my recovery
If sobriety is a commitment then no one else has the power to make me drink
If sobriety is a commitment then it will always come first. Dry places, dry people and dry things if necessary
If sobriety is a commitment then……

What is craving? and how not to give in (from mindfulness perspective)

I remember before even getting help (going to rehab and doing iop afterward) my main obstacle to staying sober was dealing with cravings. I saw cravings/urges as something that I don’t have the power to overcome. Every time I tried fighting it I would lose and end up at the liquor store. That’s why I felt so hopeless. I had this strong desire to become sober but yet no ability to overcome the mystic……

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