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I don’t give a #%@&

From hero to zero. I am having a hard time caring about anything these days. I just don’t careMaybe it is a period in early recovery; I still consider myself being at the beginning of recovery despite the fact that I am over a year sober…….

If sobriety is a commitment


If sobriety is a commitment then I will never look back and question my decision to become sober
If sobriety is a commitment then I will never stop working on my recovery
If sobriety is a commitment then no one else has the power to make me drink
If sobriety is a commitment then it will always come first. Dry places, dry people and dry things if necessary
If sobriety is a commitment then I will……

What is craving? and how not to give in (from mindfulness perspective)

I remember before even getting help (going to rehab and doing iop afterward) my main obstacle to staying sober was dealing with cravings. I saw cravings/urges as something that I don’t have the power to overcome. Every time I tried fighting it I would lose and end up at the liquor store. That’s why I felt so hopeless. I had this strong desire to become sober but yet no ability to overcome the mystic powers of……

Thank you for judging me

You have no idea how addiction fucks you up. What it is like to go through life either still being addicted or in recovery. Yes, it took me 5 minutes of complete silence over the phone to be completely honest with you why I’ve had only one year of employment in each job for the past 3 years. It wasn’t because I was fired, I quit. I would save as……

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