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Why you shouldn’t confess to your aa sponsor

Sobering up and working on your recovery is one of the most vulnerable time for anyone. I was willing to do anything, and I mean anything to get out of my daily addiction to alcohol. I couldn’t bear the chaos and pain of dealing¬†with……

Two years sober

I feel humble and fortunate to be able to reflect on my second-year alcohol-free. In some way, I’m in awe because I think that only now the doors are slowly opening to the possibility of never drinking again. If I could only describe in words how……

Keep going

Change is invisible. We change through dreams, withdrawals, pain, sorrows and various experiences. Too often the feedback of change arrives too late as we look back in regret wishing we kept going. It is also hard to see the progress we made since we look for it in wrong places, measuring in terms of……

Giving up on happiness

I don’t know what makes me happy, I have some ideas what I think would make me happy but that doesn’t mean they will. Washy hopes and dreams will always stay just what they are, not reality, but I spend or used to, so much time focusing on my wishes. Add some alcohol, and I am on fire!

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