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Thank you for judging me

You have no idea how addiction fucks you up. What it is like to go through life either still being addicted or in recovery. Yes, it took me 5 minutes of complete silence over the phone to be completely honest with you why I’ve had only one year of employment in each job for the past 3 years. It wasn’t because I was fired, I quit. I would save as much money as possible and then quit so I could continue drinking.



10 minutes till they stop selling liquor near me. That’s more than enough time to get out of bed, get dressed quickly, and get fast to the gas station. I mean just the rush of rushing it is fucking stimulating.

Then drive home quickly, I live like 3 min away from that gas station. I know what’s next. Is opening up like 3 bottles and chugging it down very fast. It’s been 8 months, fuck, the hit will be……

Should I get lorazepam party started?

So I wake up in the morning, this happened on Monday. AS fucking always, anxious because my stomach stopped working. I make a bunch of mint tea, till now I thought it was helpful for my acid reflux but surprisingly you should avoid it, at least that’s what doctors say because it apparently makes some main muscle that stands between acid and…whatever it’s basically like a wall that separates acid reflux and when you drink mint tea it relaxes the……

Early recovery is like a bad hangover that never ends

It’s been a complicated road so far. Just yesterday I experienced one of the most hurtful cravings I’ve had so far, which was triggered by two girls and a guy in the Walmart parking lot. I was just standing there sabotaging myself like every Thursday by binge smoking cigarettes, and I see these two people sitting in the car. A while later I find out that they……

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