Category: Rational recovery

Facing the denial of “I cant stop drinking”

If most alcoholic people know how to stop drinking, why do they continue to drink? Essentially, it is because they indoctrinate themselves with myths and nonsense. The difficulty in staying stopped stems, in large part, from the extremely popular, irrational, alcoholic belief that addicted people cannot choose to become non addicted. The truth is that many do it, and do it every day. Stripped down, Rational recovery could……

Recovering through self empowerment


Sobriety is not a miracle; it is a decision. If you want to stop drinking, you can quit right now and you know it. So pick time, like now, or tomorrow morning. Accept that you are in control of your own drinking and drugging and that you have been in control all along.-Jack Trimpey

Rational ideas for recovery

I admit that I have become chemically dependent, and……

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