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Recovery is change. How does it happen?

Precontemplation. People at this stage usually are not intending to take action in the near future and may not be aware their behavior is problematic. Precontemplators may show up in therapy or mutual-help groups under duress-pressure from spouses, employers, parents or courts. They resist change and usually place responsibility for their problems on external factors such as genetics, family society and the legal system.

At this……

Facing the denial of “I cant stop drinking”

If most alcoholic people know how to stop drinking, why do they continue to drink? Essentially, it is because they indoctrinate themselves with myths and nonsense. The difficulty in staying stopped stems, in large part, from the extremely popular, irrational, alcoholic belief that addicted people cannot choose to become non addicted. The truth is that many do it, and do it every day. Stripped down, Rational recovery could……

Recovering through self empowerment


Sobriety is not a miracle; it is a decision. If you want to stop drinking, you can quit right now and you know it. So pick time, like now, or tomorrow morning. Accept that you are in control of your own drinking and drugging and that you have been in control all along.-Jack Trimpey

Rational ideas for recovery

I admit that I have become chemically dependent, and……

The power of choice

I must admit this is homework from my smart recovery meeting. Very similar to the cost-benefit analysis from page 85 in the Smart Recovery handbook, except mine just compares benefits of drinking and not drinking without including cost. It took me a while to complete, as I had to take my time thinking about all the benefits on both sides. Although I……

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