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Because I can see through you

So while in rehab we had this overweight intern. She did processing group as well as ran a couple other groups for us. She was an addict herself, food addiction. I thought that we were supposed to be the broken ones there. She even read us the poem she created about addiction. How pathetic, I dont like when people go there. I always shy away, its faken awkward, but this time I was bored so I……

Am I lying to myself?

I remember when I was going to intensive outpatient program not long time ago, right after I left the rehab. The program was at the same place. We did this exercise called “listening”. We been paired in groups of two and each person had to tell three things of what they are scared happening to them in their recovery. I was paired with this obese blond women who was complaining to……

What is polysubstance abuse?

When people abuse more then one drug or type of drug it is called polysubstance or polydrug abuse. For example, many smokers also drink alcohol. This one form of polydrug abuse. Polydrug abuse also refers to the use of a drug to counteract an unpleasant effect produced by another drug. It may also be used to help with withdrawal from another drug. People who take stimulants may become agitated. Sometimes this agitation is countered with tranquilizer. This……

The stages of relapse

Relapse is a process, its not an event. In order to understand relapse you have to understand the stages of relapse. Relapses start weeks or event months before the event of physical relapse. In this page you will learn the stages of relapse. There are three stages.

Emotional relapse
Mental relapse
Physical relapse

Emotional relapse

In emotional relapse, you are not thinking about using. But your emotions and behaviors are setting you up……

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