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Prison crack addiction documentary

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This documentary examines lives of people who get arrested and go to prison because of their addiction to crack and other drugs. It made a strong impression on me that some of the inmates are just not ready to commit to change their lives and deal with their addiction. There is a lot of co-dependence and exploitation here. I remember while being in rehab that there were a lot of people who agreed to go to treatment just so they can avoid jail. The result, we would have a lot of disturbance and distractions……

Addicted. This episode triggered me

This has really triggered me. Especially her being alone and breaking in to the fridge. The bottle sounds and beer being cold…

Here is the episode of addicted that I am talking about

Scavenging for monies was nice too. I remember at the end before things went downhill I had this bag full of pennies that I used to look through so I can find quarters. This video is making me scared of relapsing cusz now I have the feel for rush and taste for beer.

So talking about the main person: she seems like hopeless case. She cries when she is hungover……


I guess I like to watch drug addiction movies now. I picked up this habit from my 30 days inpatient rehab stay. We used to do this shit because people would get sick of being in groups all day, every day. It is kind of therapeutic, as long as you don’t glorify drug use. I don’t anymore, drugs destroyed my fucking life and there is no……

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