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Being completely alone in recovery

Day 1

I took my parents to the airport. Smoked a few cigarettes on my way home. Definitely went back and forth about drinking and how I am going to deal with that. I am completely alone. Last time I went on a crazy binge. I would love to fuck everything but this desire wasn’t as big as the previous one. I just drove home and went to sleep after……

Do you ever get tired of recovery jargon?

When I first heard some of the recovery jargon sayings like “One day at a time” and ”Love yourself” or so much other inspirational crap, I would just stop in my mind and try to savor it by listening to what was being said; thinking that it was something special only to be heard once. I would try to memorize the saying so I could use it later perhaps……

Facing the denial of “I cant stop drinking”

If most alcoholic people know how to stop drinking, why do they continue to drink? Essentially, it is because they indoctrinate themselves with myths and nonsense. The difficulty in staying stopped stems, in large part, from the extremely popular, irrational, alcoholic belief that addicted people cannot choose to become non addicted. The truth is that many do it, and do it every day. Stripped down, Rational recovery could……

Dealing with the feelings

When I was drinking I didnt care what I feel as longest I wasn’t too much in pain or going out of my mind when anxiety hits. Who cared if I was unhappy, happy, sad or bored. I was always sedated and most of the time had no idea whats going on anyways. My feelings came in the last place.

I mean why do feelings even matter? I……

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