Category: Early recovery

Two years sober

I feel humble and fortunate to be able to reflect on my second-year alcohol-free. In some way, I’m in awe because I think that only now the doors are slowly opening to the possibility of never drinking again. If I could only describe in words how……

Giving up on happiness

I don’t know what makes me happy, I have some ideas what I think would make me happy but that doesn’t mean they will. Washy hopes and dreams will always stay just what they are, not reality, but I spend or used to, so much time focusing on my wishes. Add some alcohol, and I am on fire!

I don’t give a #%@&

From hero to zero. I am having a hard time caring about anything these days. I just don’t careMaybe it is a period in early recovery; I still consider myself being at the beginning of recovery despite the fact that I am over a……

Making it the first year sober in a household full of alcohol

I wanted to share some of the things and ideas that helped me to make my first year sober in a household that has some heavy drinkers. I feel a bit uneasy bringing up the fact that my household does drink a lot, but I want to make a point that sobriety is possible in any circumstance, you name it! But I want to make clear that I……

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