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Keep going

Change is invisible. We change through dreams, withdrawals, pain, sorrows and various experiences. Too often the feedback of change arrives too late as we look back in regret wishing we kept going. It is also hard to see the progress we made since we look for it in wrong places, measuring in terms of……

There is no deeper connection than drinking

It makes me cry inside, but once you establish this connection, there is little chance of it going away. We can pretend about miracles all we want, but they rarely happen. I love drinking. There are so many memories tied up to the times I drank alone. Alcohol got me……

50 reasons to stop drinking


 Alcohol damages your skin
 It can can also cause varicose veins
Red face
De-hydrates your skin
Strips water from your skin’s cells
Alcohol is body system dehydrant
It’s hypoglycemic
It affects estrogen levels
It affects testosterone levels
It causes edema
Swollen ankles
Ascites abdomen full of water
Increased blood pressure
Circulatory issues
Average spend on drinking per year is $15,000
A heavy drinker can sped 150,000 on drinking in 10 years
 Gain self-respect
Gain self-dignity
Improve relationship with your significant other
A better Monday at work
Improved mental focus
Improved concentration
Ability to climb corporate ladder
Better able to secure a job
Self-respect in front of your children
Weakened, damaged nails
Brittle, thinned, dry hair
Weight gain. One bottle of wine……

What is craving? and how not to give in (from mindfulness perspective)

I remember before even getting help (going to rehab and doing iop afterward) my main obstacle to staying sober was dealing with cravings. I saw cravings/urges as something that I don’t have the power to overcome. Every time I tried fighting it I would lose and end up at the liquor store. That’s why I felt so hopeless. I had this strong desire to become sober but yet no ability to overcome the mystic……

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