I never knew that sobriety would teach me about enjoyment in freedom of doing nothing. When drinking I used to be so obsessed with pleasure that I thought alcohol is required to relax. How can you relax without pleasure that alcohol provides?

 Things that are currently keeping me relaxed

  • Cold air in the room. I can’t even remember, but it has been my favorite thing ever since the existence of me. There is nothing nicer then getting home from work especially if I didn’t have enough sleep a night before, open the windows so cold air can fill the room and crawl into warm bed. It is important to cover yourself well with blankets. I love the feel of difference in temperature. It is so warm inside the bed yet so cold out.

  • Oil diffuser(aromatherapy). I only started doing this after getting sober. One night I had the need to instant gratify myself, so I went to Walmart and bought this cheap oil diffuser. It is currently running Jasmin smell. I had to say at first it was a weird smell but it is growing on me due to its sweetness which I didn’t notice at the beginning. My favorite so far is lavender, but I am sure I would enjoy peppermint too.
  • My fish tank. Since the room is dark, it brings out the green color in the fish tank. No, it’s not water, but live plants. It is such a great investment for relaxation. I enjoy spending my time watching my fish swim or them just be all chill.
  • Warmth in my body. There is nothing fuzzier then feeling the warmth in my body. It is an unusual sensation that I like to mindfully explore and take my time to feel it fully.
  • Darkness in the room. It brings me peace for some reason. Maybe because I can hide in it. I enjoy the feel of empty, dark nothingness. In a way, it is sedating and I have been chasing that a lot lately.

When I drank, I never allowed myself to give it a chance. All this sounded stupid, and my first thought was it would never work

What are your favorite ways to relax without alcohol?

Sobriety tip: Fish tank can be a great relaxation investment

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