I first heard of kava like years ago when my drinking was getting bad, and I was in search of alternatives that don’t produce hangovers. I was googling natural cures for alcohol cravings and urges, and that’s when there was kava.

It might sound surprising that I don’t know much about kava except that it usually comes from Fiji islands where they mostly use kava for ceremonial purposes. Kava is like their alcohol substitute to relax and deal with anxiety.
The other part that has struck me is that kava can damage your liver so I am careful about my intake and you know I still have to find out if it works because I think a placebo effect is in play here.

Kava from Walmart

By the way, Kava comes in many forms; I can tell you for sure that the pills are a total scam, I bought once on sale at Walgreen’s. It is a scam because kava root isn’t meant to be digested. It’s either you drink it as a tea or get a root extract which I am trying out now.
So going back to Walmart. You can buy some yogi kava tea at selected Walmart locations. It is bs but at least it has a distinctive taste which I like and it automatically triggers placebo effect of relaxation but there is no way that it is kava that supposedly relaxes me especially when the tea has a mixture of many ingredients and kava itself is just a tiny portion of the mix.
If you never tried kava and want it now, Walmart is the great place to start.

Kava root extract I bought online

So here is my dilemma: which product online is the real thing? This extract that I bought is the closest thing I had to the actual kava kava. It tastes horrible though. It’s like a paste; they call it Polynesian Kava root extract. Supposedly it is the best extract out here. I guess I bought it because of wanting to try the real thing, my desire for instant gratification won, and I didn’t do any research. It cost me $25 for like a tiny bit. Would I say a teaspoon? But you only need like 300 milligrams, that’s like as much as a match head.
It tastes rooty, foul and as soon as my tongue touches extract paste, it becomes numb while the rest of the extract sticks to the top of my inside mouth. Fuck it’s hard to get over this weird taste! Haha
It’s been almost two weeks, and I only tried it twice, mostly due to bad taste but the first time I tried I would say it did work, I was feeling good, not drunk or drowsy relaxed but no more thoughts running wild in my head. I slept well that night and had a wonderful chill day at work after waking up.
The second time I tried kava kava I was pumped up on coffee and coca cola, so I assume it canceled itself out due to caffeine in my blood stream.
The first try, in my opinion, was successful to the point that it made me worried about kava working, that said, the danger of developing a need for it. They do have tea options that I will be trying next after I am done with root.

So can kava make me relapse?

Relapse can happen two ways. I’ll get addicted to kava, or it will make me want to drink alcohol again if of course if this is not just a myth that kava relaxes you. I know that using this supplement falls into controversial substance use in sobriety. A lot of people who stopped drinking and are in recovery advise against it. It alters your mind, they say. That seriously needs to be taken into account which complicates things even more

I’m dummy(kava has reverse tolerance)

It takes a few uses of kava for the body to learn how to digest it properly. I guess my first-time use was just a placebo effect. So what do you think about using kava?

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