Somehow when I first heard about post acute withdrawal symptoms in rehab it made them seem surreal. They are not a big deal I thought, while still detoxing from alcohol. What came next just covered them up and all this time I couldn’t quietly understand why do I feel this way?The traces of pink cloud mixture with inspiration to change my every part of life, an equation for a hopeful fool, surely had a nice kick but silent paws would always drag me down. It is almost as I was blind to them.

Alcohol detox doesn’t mean the end of recovery, just the opposite

Detox can surely be a painful, experience that is full of sweat, sleepless nights and lovely anxiety. In extreme cases, hallucinations can follow too but once we reach the day of relief when all the symptoms subside we might start thinking about a straight road to the finish line. It isn’t that simple.
Alcohol has altered everything in our bodies including our brain chemistry that most likely will never be the same before we took that first drink. Instant gratification might start playing a part at this point, many of us want to have energy, skills to deal with stress and wish our life to be normal healthwise, at least I did. Not to ruin your high expectations, it doesn’t work that way.

Recovery is slower than a turtle

First 7 to 30 days and a whole first year sober was just my pawns singing their tunes. They still sing but it’s getting quieter, thank God! 
Irritability, sadness, low energy, digestion issues, anxiety
– I thought is this how sober life looks like? It is a good thing that I had a strong support group in my early days sober otherwise I would have grabbed that one drink to relax. Who could blame me? I was going through hell…

Post-acute withdrawal symptoms are so apocalyptic that shame, shyness, and social anxiety eventually leaves the room and I am not scared to scream for help. Boy, it’s painful but on the other hand, when a strong craving hits me I can look back at paws and ask myself: will this drunk night be worth experiencing all this insanity that I am going through after stopping drinking or should I just do this only this time and never look back?

It is dangerous when paws subside

Eventually, the symptoms do subside and that’s when the danger presents itself. I often forget about it which can lead to not being careful in my recovery. I might overwork, overeat and not take care of myself. Easy, easy, such a simple idea but yet so hard when our society is built on everything maximum. Sometimes it is strange to think that less is actually better than more.

Maximums have their price, that’s when spontaneous relapses occur. Of course, they are not spontaneous, we simply stop paying attention to our recovery and nourishment. If you are in the early recovery it is always better to be realistic about your capabilities. Play safe, be more laid back if you are introvert and even if you extroverted it is time you consider picking your social events because your sobriety is at stake my dear sobernaut!

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